Middle Georgia Data Network
- Packet Radio What you need -

MGDN Objectives:
Establish and maintain an Amateur Radio based data (text traffic) network in Middle Georgia, supporting two main goals:

1) provide text message traffic between hospitals, shelters, EOC, and Deploy Teams such as CERT and SAR;
2) provide text message traffic between middle GA WX observers and the Peachtree City NWS.

Remember:... "when all else fails ... Amateur Radio Works". Amateur Radio will provide critical communications .

Mid Georgia Data Network Frequency is 145.030 MHz; Packet and DRATS

Packet radio: WHAT YOU NEED:

>2 meter radio, 50 Watts is good
>Terminal Node Controller (TNC), we like the Kantronics KPC-3plus;
>12 VDC Power to run the radio and TNC:
>Computer running a dumb terminal program like Putty to set it up and to check in.

The computer does not need to be connected all the time, the TNC runs stand-alone

Here is a picture. The radio is sitting on top of the TNC.
[The laptop is running Putty, showing lines of text traffic and packet commands]

There are other optional ways to do this.

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